Located in northern St. Louis County, Florissant is currently the 12th largest city in the state of Missouri. Located in a picturesque valley, Florissant is one of the oldest and most storied settlements in the state, with it's foundations starting back in 1786. After the second world war, Florissant began a transition from being a small community, and started growing exponentially into a more vibrant suburban community. With such deep history and a thriving population, Florisant has no shortage of things to do and see. In our adventures here, we've come to know a few great places to stop in and grab a bite, or have a drink. We're here to share some of our favorites with you!

Pearl Cafe

8416 N Lindbergh Blvd, Florissant, MO 63031
(314) 831-3701
Pearl Cafe is undoubtedly one of the most popular Thai restaurants in the greater St. Louis area. For good reason too, their great selection of home-made Thai food certainly lives up to the hype. If you're a first timer, the various pad thai dishes are a safe bet. However, if you're more adventurous, crank up the spice with their Pad See Eew dish. However, regardless of your choice... You simply cannot go wrong here!

Hendel's Restaurant

599 Saint Denis St, Florissant, MO 63031
(314) 837-2304
If you're looking for a classy and relaxed environment, with a broad choice of some of the area's finest eats, be sure to check in at Hendel's on your next time visiting Florissant. We've been treated to some of the best service we've experienced, and the food is always excellent! For some added ambiance during the warm months, you can dine outside in a garden like setting that really sets a relaxed mood.

Cugino's Italian

1595 Hwy 67, Florissant, MO 63031
(314) 831-3222
If you're a beer lover, who also enjoys the awesome goodness of wonderful Italian food, Cugino's is your spot in Florissant. You'll find the atmosphere akin to that of a sports bar. However, the menu is fully packed with a wide variety of great dishes, and there is certainly no shortage of beers both on tap, and in the bottle. The best part is that they're typically open late, and serve until 11pm.

Signature Sandwich Co.

430 Howdershell Rd, Florissant, MO 63031
(314) 831-0006
This is a local sandwich restaurant for the connoisseur of sandwiches. Take a limo full of people here to enjoy some of the finest local food and drink that you'll find in Florissant, and even the St. Louis area. They do their best to source from local farms and producers, so you know you're really not going to find much anywhere around that is fresher or better tasting. Add in friendly help, and you have perfection!

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