At St. Louis Limousines, we do our best to offer pricing that is affordable for all of our customers. We have some of the best rates in the St. Louis Park and Minneapolis area while still providing excellent service and quality transportation.

When you call or email us for a quote, please provide your desired date of service, number of passengers, and pick up location. This will help our reservation specialists narrow down which vehicles will work best for you and provide an accurate quote. We get it right the first time so there are no surprises later!

We include all taxes, fees, and operating costs in our price, and we never charge hidden fees. Overages, damages, excessive clean up, and pick up outside of our service area may result in extra charges, but these policies are all clearly stated in the contract that you will sign before you start your run. We are always upfront with our customers so that nobody is ever caught off guard. If you have any questions about our prices or policies, contact us today! Our reservation specialists will be happy to answer them.

Some Key Pricing Points
  • Fair practices
  • Low deposit required
  • Pricing never over market average
  • Easy quoting system
  • Optimal pricing based on demand
  • More affordable than you'd think
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